The Green Radish is vegan organic and proud of it!

The Green Radish is a mobile destination for delicious, vegan organic food established in the New York City area by chef James Rafferty. The Green Radish’s menu of healthy, mouthwatering lunch items is rapidly developing a following among hungry New Yorkers who have become devotees of The ‘Rad’s Black Bean Burger and No Lobster Roll and other delicacies. Fans of Rafferty’s food and bright green truck eagerly await the morning tweet touting the distinctive Green Radish truck’s location as essential news.

Rafferty, long time private chef and veteran of renowned kitchens in Europe and NYC’s Bouley, has been a cycling enthusiast and vegetarian for years. He recently embraced a full vegan life after being inspired by the insight and knowledge of his wife – an avid yogi and advocate of an organic, plant-based diet. Rafferty combined his culinary expertise and eye for the best ingredients to create a menu for The Green Radish that adheres to vegan principles while appealing to a range of hungry, demanding food lovers.

“Going Vegan has been one of the best changes that I have ever made in my life,” says Rafferty. “Before I was enlightened, as a vegetarian I would eat frozen veggie burgers, processed cheeses and the like – not realizing that anything processed lacks real nutritional value. I’ve traded frozen for a fresh, organic, plant-dominant diet and have never felt better. The Green Radish was sparked by my desire to share that profound sense of wellness that I feel with others, and to do it with food that turns most people’s notion of what Vegan is on its head: our menu is fresh and delicious and satisfying. And in just a short period of time, Vegans and Non-Vegans from all over are embracing us.”

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We look forward to serving you.