Woman having an eyelash extension

Are 3D Volume Eyelash Extensions Better Than Mascara?

Volume eyelash extensions are better than mascara because they require low maintenance. These lash extensions are a cosmetic cheat code: wake up, exercise, go to work, buy groceries, and do almost everything without having to apply mascara every day. Removing mascara is one less thing to do, simplifying your makeup routine. When you get 3D […]

Daytona Beach

Spring Break: Where to Go on a Budget

For some students, college is nothing but one big, years-long party. For those who are more serious about their schoolwork however, it is synonymous with stress, deadlines, theses, and exams. Whatever type of student you are, you probably look forward to spring break like all the rest. What’s not to love about spring break? No […]


Easy Tips on Maintaining Your Rain Gutters

Rain gutters help drain the rainwater from the roof away from the house. They prevent flooding in basement and foundations, as well as protect the windows and siding. Regular maintenance is important to keep the gutters working properly. Here are some tips on maintaining your rain gutters at home: Remove dead leaves and debris regularly […]


Proposing? 3 Unique Hiding Places for Engagement Rings

You have picked out the most beautiful and perfect engagement ring for your significant other. Now you simply have to present it and propose. How can you present an engagement ring though? The different possibilities you can pursue equal the endless ways you can propose. For instance, you can use special boxes, food and drink […]

Fashion and Lifestyle Trends

4 Surprising Ways Going to Theme Parks Can Improve Your Health

Going to an amusement park provides an opportunity for lots of fun to be had, with all the shows, rides, food, drinks, and endless other attractions. There are numerous family amusement parks in NJ and other nearby places, so you can take your pick and start planning some bonding time with your loved ones. But apart from being […]

What a Barbershop Needs to Prosper

Gone are the days of men only wanting one specific cut and being done with their barbershop appointment for the month. Now, they are more critical with the way they look, which translates to more business for a shop. It’s not just any business, however. You get clients who want to be satisfied with your […]

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Happy woman cleansing her face

3 Things You Should Know About Skincare Products

By Danny Williams | November 19, 2018

The more demand there is for beauty products, the newer ones continue to come up. More often, people do consider the most attractive and affordable products. These two factors are essential to consider. However, the more you are informed about a particular product, the higher your chances of laying your hands on one that matches […]

How to Create a More Relaxing Space at Home

By The Green Radish | November 19, 2018

Stress isn’t always a bad thing because it is this same feeling of discomfort or tension that pushes an individual to try harder and do better. Certainly though, there has to be a time in a day when all that pressure needs to be let go. What better way to unload and decompress than to […]

Woman sitting on dentist chair for dental check up

Do Not Neglect Visiting a Dentist in Alexandria

By The Green Radish | November 17, 2018

When it comes to visiting the dentist, many people do not schedule an appointment as often as they should. Whether the result or a busy lifestyle, negligence or fear, avoiding the dentist can have many negative effects on a patient’s oral health. A dentist not only cleans the teeth and keeps the gums free from […]

Woman holding a teeth model with dental implant

Save Money with Dental Implants Abroad

By The Green Radish | November 8, 2018

Anyone looking to have dental implants fitted may find that the cost is prohibitive. If this is the case, it might be worth considering having dental implants abroad. Many people now travel for dental treatment in Hungary and other countries, where quality treatment can be had for much lower prices. There are lots of companies […]

White teeth being checked with mouth mirror

What Can the Cosmetic Dentist in London Do About White Spots?

By The Green Radish | November 8, 2018

Some people look in the mirror and they see a less-than-perfect smile. While it may be functional, they see blemishes every day and feel self-conscious about it. In the past, these people have either had to learn to live with the problem and with a potential dip in confidence, or they have had to consider […]