The Right Cut for Your Engagement Ring

When creating jewelry, you need to consider style and aesthetics, so your custom accessory reflects your personality. On your next visit to diamond jewelry stores in Long Island City, like Kravit Jewelers, you could ask them to use a unique material such as wood or bone; create a unique design for you; or craft a […]

Caring for the Teeth

Caring for the Teeth

Going to the dentist is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Dental professionals use knowledge, technology, and experience to provide a high level of care for their patients’oral health. Cosmetic enhancements for the teeth can greatly improve a person’s appearance. Lost teeth can be replaced with fully-customised implants. A dentist in SW14 offers many […]


The Best Gifts You Can Give When Dating a Hobbyist

If you’re dating a hobbyist, it’s actually easy to make them remember you by choosing a gift that they’re a fan of. These can make your offerings doubly appreciated and your presence more memorable. That said, consider these presents the next time you meet up for another date. For the Sports Fan Obviously, sports tickets are […]

Hand Forming a Heart on Tummy

Have a Healthier Heart by Deciding to Lose Weight

Even if you’ve already made up your mind to lose weight before, your doctors insist that you do it now for your heart’s sake. As a matter of fact, you’ve got added incentive since it’s your life on the line. With that in mind, here are a few added pointers to get you started on […]

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Merlion Sentosa Isaland in Singapore

Enjoy the Best Vacation at Sentosa

Every tourist who plans to visit Southeast Asia should consider visiting the island state of Singapore. Aside from providing one of a kind shopping experience and different summer activities on this side of the world, one of the top destinations here are the attractions in Sentosa. Fun in the Water Sentosa offers different water-based amenities […]

Should You Invest in Women’s Fashion as a Business?

Women have a keen eye for fashion. Whether they have the money to buy everything designer, or they have to make do with an inexpensive alternative to still achieve a similar look, you’ll be surprised at how creative they can be. You’ll also be surprised at how profitable a business in women’s fashion can be. […]

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Woman sitting on dentist chair for dental check up

Do Not Neglect Visiting a Dentist in Alexandria

By The Green Radish | November 17, 2018

When it comes to visiting the dentist, many people do not schedule an appointment as often as they should. Whether the result or a busy lifestyle, negligence or fear, avoiding the dentist can have many negative effects on a patient’s oral health. A dentist not only cleans the teeth and keeps the gums free from […]

Woman holding a teeth model with dental implant

Save Money with Dental Implants Abroad

By The Green Radish | November 8, 2018

Anyone looking to have dental implants fitted may find that the cost is prohibitive. If this is the case, it might be worth considering having dental implants abroad. Many people now travel for dental treatment in Hungary and other countries, where quality treatment can be had for much lower prices. There are lots of companies […]

White teeth being checked with mouth mirror

What Can the Cosmetic Dentist in London Do About White Spots?

By The Green Radish | November 8, 2018

Some people look in the mirror and they see a less-than-perfect smile. While it may be functional, they see blemishes every day and feel self-conscious about it. In the past, these people have either had to learn to live with the problem and with a potential dip in confidence, or they have had to consider […]

Bride and groom kissing in their wedding

First Things First: What to Do When Booking a Wedding Venue

By The Green Radish | October 31, 2018

Whatever the style or location, weddings should be planned carefully and efficiently. There are many aspects of weddings that will be hard to control, from the people to the services available at the venue. In Kansas City, you could be flooded with a number of options that finding the right one becomes challenging. KC wedding venues may […]

Fun Winter Sports and Activities for You and Your Child to Try Out

By The Green Radish | October 22, 2018

Winter season is upon your family yet again, and this also means it’s time for winter sports! This is also the perfect opportunity for you to introduce new activities to your children for a more fun family time. Depending on their age and interests, see which of these winter sports your kid would want to […]