father and son in a theme park

Kids’ Safety: Parents’ Top Priority on a Day at an Amusement Park

Most parents, especially those from bustling metro areas like New Jersey, are quite busy. But surely, making quality time for the kids — spending the weekend at the mall to shop and dine, playing sports, watching movies, baking their favorite dessert or going to theme parks – should never take a back seat. For many families, one […]


The 411 on Athleisure: Rules to Live By

Blame the fitness trend, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and the boom of designer athleisure wear, but you can now expect to spot more women sporting workout gear outside the gym or yoga studio. Whether it’s lining up for morning coffee, running to school, having brunch or a business lunch, and yes, even for a ladies night […]

happy woman showing engagement ring

4 Tips to Make Engagement Parties More Personal

Engagement parties bring couples closer to marriage. With an engagement party, the countdown to the wedding date of the couple usually starts. It is tempting for most couples to go all-out with their engagement parties. However, there are those who want to go personal, opting for more intimate affairs. Below are four things that will […]

Barber Shop Hair

What a Barbershop Needs to Prosper

Gone are the days of men only wanting one specific cut and being done with their barbershop appointment for the month. Now, they are more critical with the way they look, which translates to more business for a shop. It’s not just any business, however. You get clients who want to be satisfied with your […]

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Daytona Beach

Spring Break: Where to Go on a Budget

For some students, college is nothing but one big, years-long party. For those who are more serious about their schoolwork however, it is synonymous with stress, deadlines, theses, and exams. Whatever type of student you are, you probably look forward to spring break like all the rest. What’s not to love about spring break? No […]

Ladies’ Vests — Know Your Options

The same way your typical dinner-and-movie date gets boring, so does wearing the same type of clothes every day. Swapping your pants for a skirt once in a while helps make your outfits feminine. However, slipping in a vest into your attire is a random and pleasant way of spicing up your looks to increase […]

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What Makes Laser Tag an Awesome Team Building Activity?

By Danny Williams | August 9, 2018

Team building activities are sometimes perceived as the opposite of what they should be. They’re boring, never fun, and unproductive. That’s because many businesses always go for conventional choices, which in time lose their impact on employees. What you need is a shake-up. Do something different for your next team building, like laser tag. Aside […]

The Best Fashion Pieces for Plus-Size Women This Season

By Danny Williams | August 3, 2018

Getting in tune with the stylish trends can be a struggle for everyone, and that’s no excuse for people wanting to find the best fashion essentials in plus-size fashion. Shopping for plus-size clothing from companies such as Verona Coutour has been rather challenging with shops stocking low numbers of sizes often available in mainstream wardrobe […]

Crying depressed woman

Can Stress Affect Your Heart Health?

By The Green Radish | July 29, 2018

Stress compromises more than just your appetite and appearance. If the stress you’re dealing with is excessive, it could affect factors and behaviors that increase your risk of developing heart disease. These include overeating, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. These risks heighten if you try to manage your stress by smoking cigarettes or […]

Dressing for a Barn Wedding: What to Consider

By The Green Radish | July 26, 2018

If you want a laid back but effortlessly elegant wedding, then a rustic barn wedding is the way to go. But many party planners find that one of the hardest things to plan for a rustic barn wedding is the attire. The gowns, the bridegroom’s suit, and clothes for the entourage can be challenging to […]

How to Make Your HVAC System Friendlier to Nature

By The Green Radish | July 22, 2018

The Beehive State ranked 17th in the 2017 State Scorecard, registering natural gas and electricity savings levels above the U.S. average. Utahns should feel good about themselves, knowing their collective effort has resulted in greater energy efficiency. However, Nature is still far from comfortable with the way people heat and cool their homes. If you want to […]