5 Tools to Make Your Hair Styling Dreams Come True

Hairstyling is a noble profession that is not exactly the easiest to learn. To become a great hairstylist, a person needs an eye for trends and looks. But more importantly, stylists need to know how to use the tools needed. For those who want to become a hair stylist, these five tools will be helpful […]


Cable Car Rides: The Best Way to See a City

Cable cars first appeared in 1873, and still are a favourite mode of transport for millions of people. While carts and bullet trains have become the main transport all over the world, cable cars provide a unique way of seeing a city. In Singapore, tourists can travel from Mount Faber to the island of Sentosa […]


Singapore’s Tourism Industry Optimistic for 2018 Business Prospects

There are many places to go in Singapore and overseas tourists, particularly from China, made sure to explore all of them in 2017. Initial data from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) showed that more than 13 million foreign visitors between January and September alone. This may have further increased up to 16.7 million for the entire year, […]


Categories of Must-Have Sunglasses for Your Wardrobe

In the fashion world, sunglasses are a must-have for all genders and ages. One pair of sunglasses can however not be a perfect fit for all occasions. It is vital to match your sunglasses with the event you are attending and with your outfit. To make a fashion statement with every dress or shirt, you need a few […]

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Spring Break: Where to Go on a Budget

For some students, college is nothing but one big, years-long party. For those who are more serious about their schoolwork however, it is synonymous with stress, deadlines, theses, and exams. Whatever type of student you are, you probably look forward to spring break like all the rest. What’s not to love about spring break? No […]

The Newbie’s Guide to the Right Swimwear in 4 Ways

Whenever summer is approaching, social media gets trending with hashtags about achieving that #summerbod. People start to slim down with the goal of fitting into their bikinis or similar swimwear. This isn’t always easy to do though especially women, because people come in shapes and sizes other than slim. For those clueless about what to […]

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What Makes Laser Tag an Awesome Team Building Activity?

By Danny Williams | August 9, 2018

Team building activities are sometimes perceived as the opposite of what they should be. They’re boring, never fun, and unproductive. That’s because many businesses always go for conventional choices, which in time lose their impact on employees. What you need is a shake-up. Do something different for your next team building, like laser tag. Aside […]

The Best Fashion Pieces for Plus-Size Women This Season

By Danny Williams | August 3, 2018

Getting in tune with the stylish trends can be a struggle for everyone, and that’s no excuse for people wanting to find the best fashion essentials in plus-size fashion. Shopping for plus-size clothing from companies such as Verona Coutour has been rather challenging with shops stocking low numbers of sizes often available in mainstream wardrobe […]

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Can Stress Affect Your Heart Health?

By The Green Radish | July 29, 2018

Stress compromises more than just your appetite and appearance. If the stress you’re dealing with is excessive, it could affect factors and behaviors that increase your risk of developing heart disease. These include overeating, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. These risks heighten if you try to manage your stress by smoking cigarettes or […]

Dressing for a Barn Wedding: What to Consider

By The Green Radish | July 26, 2018

If you want a laid back but effortlessly elegant wedding, then a rustic barn wedding is the way to go. But many party planners find that one of the hardest things to plan for a rustic barn wedding is the attire. The gowns, the bridegroom’s suit, and clothes for the entourage can be challenging to […]

How to Make Your HVAC System Friendlier to Nature

By The Green Radish | July 22, 2018

The Beehive State ranked 17th in the 2017 State Scorecard, registering natural gas and electricity savings levels above the U.S. average. Utahns should feel good about themselves, knowing their collective effort has resulted in greater energy efficiency. However, Nature is still far from comfortable with the way people heat and cool their homes. If you want to […]