The 411 on Athleisure: Rules to Live By


AthleisureBlame the fitness trend, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and the boom of designer athleisure wear, but you can now expect to spot more women sporting workout gear outside the gym or yoga studio. Whether it’s lining up for morning coffee, running to school, having brunch or a business lunch, and yes, even for a ladies night out, athletic wear as every clothing is the hottest trend in fashion today.

The question for most ladies is “Could I really pull off this trend?” The answer is yes, provided that you stick to these rules:

Invest in Performance Wear That Combines Fashion and Function

Essentially, you have to buy workout clothes made from performance fabrics, which means materials that won’t give you that dreaded muffing top, hide your cellulite, and won’t go see-through in the first 10 minutes of Pilates. Make sure it’s quick drying, moisture wicking, opaque, yet very breathable, and odor resistant.

Follow the Athleisure Trend’s “Seasonal Trends”

Before athleisure hit it big, workout clothes didn’t have trends. Now you’ve got color-blocking, mesh inserts and panels, and a wide range of prints and colors, among others.

Dress Appropriately

No establishment would deny you entrance while wearing athleisure clothing — that is unless you go into a hotel café for brunch in just your short shorts and sports bra. In instances like this, consider throwing on a duster coat or a structured jacket over your leggings.

Unsure of Your Outfit? Go Neutral

It’s a bit risky to wear neon or mesh panels when you’re 50 and older, but the great thing is that you have endless options when it comes to athleisure pieces. Start with basic black, gray, white, and browns and once you’re comfortable with them, explore brighter hues and prints.

Accessorizing Is Key

You only ever need one piece or accessory to take your athleisure look straight from the gym and right to wherever you’re running off to. A structured blazer or leather jacket, on-trend sunglasses, or a polished bag should do the trick.

Whether it’s your go-to leggings with a scarf and coat or a cropped sports tee with trousers and heels, it’s now acceptable to don your workout outfit to almost everywhere even if you have not worked out or won’t be working out later. If you want to pull off the athleisure trend, keep these rules in mind, and you should be fine.

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