A Touch of Flair and Creativity to Spice Up Your Wedding Day

Bride and groom kissing

Bride and groom kissingIf your idea of wedding stretches beyond the confines of the traditional approach, then you are the perfect candidate for an alternative wedding in Cornwall. As a, hopefully, once in a lifetime event, you can give your wedding a unique appeal.

All you need to pull it off is to get the surroundings right and a bit of your imagination. If you are short on the creative end, you can turn to the internet for inspiration and motivation.

Rescue the love of your life

Thanks to similarly themed films, prison breaks have become a romanticised concept that highlights undying love. You can borrow this concept and a rare appeal to your nuptials. All you need is an authentic prison that lends itself to such use.

Closed in 1927, the Bodmin jail in Cornwell County makes the perfect wedding destination. With many of the cells still intact, you can rescue your love from a legit prison without the need for special effects. For a lasting reminder, retain the service of a credible videographer and capture each moment.

Of course, you would need to polish your acting skills to ensure that the wedding footage a touch of authenticity.

All under one roof

After rescuing the love of your life from the confinement of an uncomfortable cell, it is time to tie the knot. Luckily, your search for a religious figure to solemnise your vows comes to a halt. In the richly detailed chapel with impressive architecture on the prisons ground, you find a vicar.

You can profess your undying love and exchange your wedding vows in front of an awed gathering of family and friends. Such dramatic entry and luxurious surroundings of the prison is likely to have tongues wagging for a long time.

After the ceremony is over, you can make good of your prison break and ride into the sunset for a fairy-tale ending.

Given that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, you should not settle for an average ceremony. If you have the right surroundings, you can engage your imagination and give your special day a creative touch.

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