Accessible Bathtubs: Making Life Easier For the Elderly

Elderly in a specialized bathtubThe bathroom is one the most dangerous areas in the house and thousands of seniors end up in hospitals annually because of accidents. Accessible tubs help prevent accidents and bring peace of mind.

Aging can cause poor eyesight, weaker bones, and balance issues. When combined with the slippery surfaces of the bathroom floor, accidents can happen. If an elderly member of your family has fallen, is struggling to move, or wants to maintain independence, an accessible bathtub is a good addition to your bathroom.

What is an Accessible Tub?

An elderly bathtub is designed to allow access to the bath without having to step over the side; therefore minimizing the risk of falls. Heavenly Walk In Tubs notes that it also has a number of other safety features, such as grab handles and non-slip surfaces. Some types of accessible bathtubs are suitable for wheelchair users.

Features an Elderly Relative Will Love

Once in the tub, your loved one will just need to close the door or panel and start the faucet, which is temperature controlled so it doesn’t get too hot. Then, they can just relax and soak in the warm water.

Some models of bath have seats. These are suitable for seniors with arthritis and other conditions that cause severe pain and discomfort. For an added touch of luxury, the seat can be heated to keep the senior warm.

Other optional features include an aromatherapy spa mode, blissful for joints or to ease headaches or stress after a tiring day, and color therapy mode for a bath by subdued lighting.

Once they’re ready to get out, the door or panel won’t open until the water has completely drained. Since accessible baths have an integral anti-slip surface, there’s no water to slip on and reduced chances of a fall.

Portable Bathing Solutions

If you’ve been put off getting an accessible tub because you don’t want to remodel your home, think again. Some types of bathtubs are portable and can be used in any room where there is a faucet. There are also small, space-saving models designed for use in a smaller home. Unlike installing a wet room or flat access shower, no renovation is required for a walk-in tub.

Bathrooms are dangerous because of their hard, slippery surfaces and they are among the most accident-prone areas in your house. Seniors can prevent falls and maintain their independence by getting a tub specifically designed for them.

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