Are 3D Volume Eyelash Extensions Better Than Mascara?

Woman having an eyelash extension

Woman having an eyelash extensionVolume eyelash extensions are better than mascara because they require low maintenance. These lash extensions are a cosmetic cheat code: wake up, exercise, go to work, buy groceries, and do almost everything without having to apply mascara every day. Removing mascara is one less thing to do, simplifying your makeup routine.

When you get 3D volume eyelash extensions in Las Vegas, you’ll feel confident enough even with barely any makeup on. Heads will turn to get a peek at your thick and natural-looking lashes.

Better Volume

Mascara can make your lashes stand out. But 3D volume eyelash extensions make your lashes appear more dramatic, better defined. Why? They add volume and curl. The extensions, which are typically made of silk or mink, give your lashes greater length and volume.

Your eyes will stand out even without the usual makeup. They’ll pop without you having to spend an extra five minutes to perfect your daily look in the morning.

Natural-Looking Lashes

You can opt for thicker, natural-looking lashes. Ask your cosmetician if your preference is an ideal choice. He or she will tell you if the volume you want will look good on you. You can also do a quick self-evaluation using the following questions:

  • Do you have very sparse natural lashes?
  • Do you have fine or weak natural lashes?
  • Do you want more volume to your lash look?
  • Did you wear strip lashes before? Did you enjoy the look?
  • Do you want to come for lash retouches less often?

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, then the 3D volume eyelash extension will work for you. These lashes  can last for several weeks before you go for a touch-up appointment. But they will need a bit of care to keep them in good shape, so brush them regularly.

Bid mascara good-bye, and try 3D volume eyelash extensions for an easier makeup routine.

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