Singapore’s Tourism Industry Optimistic for 2018 Business Prospects

There are many places to go in Singapore and overseas tourists, particularly from China, made sure to explore all of them in 2017. Initial data from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) showed that more than 13 million foreign visitors between January and September alone. This may have further increased up to 16.7 million for the entire year, […]

Different Kinds of Jewelry Appraisals

A jewelry appraisal helps to determine the value of your jewelry after an examination of its quality. The assessment captures the item’s description focusing mainly on its measurements, weight, marking, and the materials used to make it. Other features like the quality of the gemstone, how rare the piece is, and the design will also […]

Tender Love and Care Practices for Your Feet

Feet take a lot of beating, more than any other part of the body. You walk with them, stand with them, and support your body with them. When your feet hurt, you have to take good care of them to prevent any future issues. How then can you take care of your feet? Choose the […]