Beat Stress with these 3 Weekend Activities

Group of people practicing yoga

Group of people practicing yogaStress accumulates over the week — pressure from work, piling responsibilities at home, even news from the telly. Thankfully, you have the weekend to recover. So you better make it count. Here are three simple activities you could do to get rid of your weekday stress.

1. Go on a Yoga Retreat

A lot of stretching, peace and tranquility. These are some of the things you can expect when you go on a yoga and meditation retreat.

Spend your weekend reflecting on yourself, getting close to nature, and hopefully eating healthy. Leave your phone at the front desk or at home and spend a day or two focused on healing both your mind and body.

2. Sweat Out Some Endorphins

If relaxation isn’t your thing — then why not pump up some adrenaline. Challenge your friends to go on a new bike route. Take your significant other for a quick hike. Be a bit competitive with your weekend warrior friends and go for a game of basketball, tennis, or touch football if you have the numbers.

Getting some sort of physical activity, even if only during weekends, can lower your risk of getting a heart disease by almost 40 percent. Physical activity makes your body produce stress-relieving endorphins, lowers your cholesterol and improves your sleep cycle. It also makes you happier.

3. Spend a Day with Your Loved Ones

Plan a trip with your kids or spend a day at a nearby park. Spending time with your family can relieve a lot of the stress you accumulated over the week.

It can be as simple as taking turns planning where to eat every week or what activity to do. Human contact releases the “love hormone” oxytocin. It makes you happier and strengthens your bonds with your family and loved ones.

Don’t let stress get to you. Spend your weekend relaxing, getting pumped, or just have a fun day with your family.

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