3 Reasons You Need a Day at the Beauty Salon

It is common knowledge in the beauty industry that it is not just the customer’s appearance that matters. You also have to work on whether they feel good about themselves with the makeover. This is why it is also called the “self-esteem” industry. It is about the whole experience: the customer enters the salon, sits […]

Ladies’ Vests — Know Your Options

The same way your typical dinner-and-movie date gets boring, so does wearing the same type of clothes every day. Swapping your pants for a skirt once in a while helps make your outfits feminine. However, slipping in a vest into your attire is a random and pleasant way of spicing up your looks to increase […]

4 Clever Tips to Build Your Shop’s Collection

Now that you’re at this stage of your business, you might have been thinking of starting your product line. Your boutique has been doing well so far that you want to consider putting additional attractions in your collection. Here are some interesting ideas: Introduce some accessories If you want to satisfy the cravings of your […]

Three It Girl Moves to Combine Function and Fashion

What a lot of people don’t realize is that fashion is fast. Editors, It Girls, and fashionistas no longer have to wait months for the looks on the catwalk to descend to retail and accessible outlets—the lines are usually out the next day. This means that everyone can get these pieces. So where does that […]

The 411 on Athleisure: Rules to Live By

Blame the fitness trend, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and the boom of designer athleisure wear, but you can now expect to spot more women sporting workout gear outside the gym or yoga studio. Whether it’s lining up for morning coffee, running to school, having brunch or a business lunch, and yes, even for a ladies night […]