The Best Fashion Pieces for Plus-Size Women This Season

Getting in tune with the stylish trends can be a struggle for everyone, and that’s no excuse for people wanting to find the best fashion essentials in plus-size fashion. Shopping for plus-size clothing from companies such as Verona Coutour has been rather challenging with shops stocking low numbers of sizes often available in mainstream wardrobe […]

Techniques on Selling Luxury Brand Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fashion statement that can make or break an outfit. The aesthetic appeal of sunglasses enhances the shape of your face and effectively frames your best features. It is also an armour that protects your eyes from ultraviolet exposure, which is why if you’re going to buy glasses, you might as well go […]

Starting a Salon Business: 4 Things You Need to Know

It is the dream of every beauty professional to open a salon of their own. It offers an opportunity to become independent, as well as a chance to make a name for themselves. While the idea of starting a business is exciting, this venture is equally terrifying considering the number of things you need to […]

What a Barbershop Needs to Prosper

Gone are the days of men only wanting one specific cut and being done with their barbershop appointment for the month. Now, they are more critical with the way they look, which translates to more business for a shop. It’s not just any business, however. You get clients who want to be satisfied with your […]

Colored Gemstone Options for Engagement Rings

Love is unique, and every engagement ring should, therefore, be unique. That said, more couples are opting for colored gemstones rather than the conventional single-colored ones for their rings. Whether you choose to add color to your center stone or flanking accents, this trend is sure to make your ring stand out. Colored diamonds are a popular option […]

Types of Professional Scissors Used For Hair Thinning

Efficiently caring for your customers’ hair involves more than simple haircuts. There is a range of techniques you can use to improve the appearance of your haircuts and boost healthy hair development. One of these techniques is hair thinning. It enhances hair volume and texture and reduces its bulk easing the styling of very thick […]

Your Relationship to the Bride or Groom Will Dictate Your Spending

Wedding guests spend between $372 and $630 on average, depending on how close they are to the bride or groom, according to a survey. The survey based its findings on polling almost 2,230 adult Americans. The expenses may include presents, transportation, hotel rooms, clothes and miscellaneous costs. If it’s a destination wedding, the amount you spend will […]

4 Tips to Make Engagement Parties More Personal

Engagement parties bring couples closer to marriage. With an engagement party, the countdown to the wedding date of the couple usually starts. It is tempting for most couples to go all-out with their engagement parties. However, there are those who want to go personal, opting for more intimate affairs. Below are four things that will […]

The Newbie’s Guide to the Right Swimwear in 4 Ways

Whenever summer is approaching, social media gets trending with hashtags about achieving that #summerbod. People start to slim down with the goal of fitting into their bikinis or similar swimwear. This isn’t always easy to do though especially women, because people come in shapes and sizes other than slim. For those clueless about what to […]

To Detox or Not? Look Forward to These 4 Types of Stimulating Massages

Nowadays, people no longer want to take vacations to de-stress alone. The trend today is choosing destinations that will help them in mind, body, and soul. Because of that, there’s a new buzzword — wellness tourism. The Global Wellness Institute reports that the wellness market grew by 10.6%, with an amount of $3.72 billion in 2015 alone. […]