4 Surprising Ways Going to Theme Parks Can Improve Your Health

Going to an amusement park provides an opportunity for lots of fun to be had, with all the shows, rides, food, drinks, and endless other attractions. There are numerous family amusement parks in NJ and other nearby places, so you can take your pick and start planning some bonding time with your loved ones. But apart from being […]

Enjoy the Best Vacation at Sentosa

Every tourist who plans to visit Southeast Asia should consider visiting the island state of Singapore. Aside from providing one of a kind shopping experience and different summer activities on this side of the world, one of the top destinations here are the attractions in Sentosa. Fun in the Water Sentosa offers different water-based amenities […]

Singapore’s Tourism Industry Optimistic for 2018 Business Prospects

There are many places to go in Singapore and overseas tourists, particularly from China, made sure to explore all of them in 2017. Initial data from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) showed that more than 13 million foreign visitors between January and September alone. This may have further increased up to 16.7 million for the entire year, […]

Cable Car Rides: The Best Way to See a City

Cable cars first appeared in 1873, and still are a favourite mode of transport for millions of people. While carts and bullet trains have become the main transport all over the world, cable cars provide a unique way of seeing a city. In Singapore, tourists can travel from Mount Faber to the island of Sentosa […]

Spring Break: Where to Go on a Budget

For some students, college is nothing but one big, years-long party. For those who are more serious about their schoolwork however, it is synonymous with stress, deadlines, theses, and exams. Whatever type of student you are, you probably look forward to spring break like all the rest. What’s not to love about spring break? No […]