Choose Your Wedding Venue in 4 Easy Steps

Garden wedding scene

Garden wedding sceneIn the recent times where the options of a wedding venue are infinite, picking the right venue for your nuptials can be a daunting task. However, when you are well versed in the most crucial items to look out for when choosing the right venue, the job can be so much fun and easy.

Find out four easy steps to picking the proper wedding venue.

Guest list

It would be a prudent idea to prepare your guest list before embarking on your quest of finding a venue. This will ensure that the venue you choose is adequate for your guests in terms of space and comfort. This way, you will save yourself from the agony of booking a venue only to realize later that the estimated number you had in mind is way bigger than the chosen venue, says HuffPost.


As a couple, ask yourself this question, is the venue available? It is worth noting that some wedding venues are booked in advance and may not be available on the date you set your wedding to take place. So, if you want your wedding venue to be a resort near Chicago like Chestnut Mountain Resort or any other place, make sure that you check the availability first before going ahead with the other details. If the management confirms that it’s available, then, book it immediately to ensure that no one else takes it.


If you want to avoid any frustrations at a later date, know your budget and stick to it. This will ensure other wedding-related things don’t get affected, according to Brides. Get different quotations and compare the prices and the packages offered. Before making any deposits, inquire whether you can get discounts. You can end up saving a lot through these complimentary gifts and favors.


Consider the accessibility of the venue you choose. Make sure that your guests can quickly locate it, and it won’t cause them any inconveniences. If the place is different from the reception venue ensure that it’s not too far since some of the guests may not have the necessary transport. It’s also essential to ensure that the access roads are passable at that time of the year.

Your wedding venue can make or break your wedding experience. It is, therefore, worth taking your time and find the best that you can afford. With the guidance of the above tips, you will find your wedding venue in a jiffy.

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