Colored Gemstone Options for Engagement Rings

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Custom Diamond RingLove is unique, and every engagement ring should, therefore, be unique. That said, more couples are opting for colored gemstones rather than the conventional single-colored ones for their rings. Whether you choose to add color to your center stone or flanking accents, this trend is sure to make your ring stand out.

Colored diamonds are a popular option for those shopping for engagement rings in St Louis, MO and other locations in the U.S. Here are some of the colored gems you can choose for your loved one:


Emerald is considered the jewel of kings. It comes in gorgeous green hues from a light to deep dark shade. Emeralds have different unique fractures and inclusions, which determine each stone’s durability and clarity. With a hardness rating of eight, it resists scratching very well but still requires utmost care. Filler and oil treatments are applied after specific periods to preserve the emerald’s sparkle and enhance its durability.


Though typically associated with blue, sapphire can be found in virtually all colors other than red. This stone is renowned for pleochroism, a quality that allows two color changes depending on the angle of view. Sapphires have a hardness rating of nine, making them among the toughest non-diamond gems that are ideal for people with busy lifestyles.


These are the ideal option for those who want to make a sizzling red statement. Rubies are as hard as sapphires, though they typically require more enhancements and treatments. The trendiest ruby color today is a slightly purplish red hue with medium-dark tones and a vivid saturation.

Nothing will say non-conformist faster than a colored engagement ring. With the above gemstone options, you are sure to get a unique engagement ring and a “yes” for your proposal.  You can even go all out and mix two or three stones to create a truly unique representation of your love.

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