Fun Winter Sports and Activities for You and Your Child to Try Out

a family on vacationWinter season is upon your family yet again, and this also means it’s time for winter sports! This is also the perfect opportunity for you to introduce new activities to your children for a more fun family time. Depending on their age and interests, see which of these winter sports your kid would want to try out.

Figure Skating

This would be a step up from recreational ice-skating that most children are introduced to. You can even start them off as early as three to four years old once they get the hang of ice-skating. You can even hire a figure skating instructor to further boost their skills and confidence.


Either taught by their parents or a trainer, skiing is one of the more common winter sports taught to children whatever their age. Supervision will be necessary here, especially if they are about to go down the slopes and their balance and skills are not yet assured.


Snowboarding may typically sound like something only grown-ups should try, but thanks to the latest innovations in technology, even your child can do it now. As long as you join them on the board, you and your child can enjoy this sport together. Pedigree Ski Shop wants you to make sure that you are warm in your Descente Challenger ski jacket, and so is your child in his own winter outfit.

Ice Hockey

Probably the last sport you’ll want to let your kid participate in because of the rather violent nature of it. However, it’s still a welcome choice if they play fair. They even have this mini-mite category made specifically for children seven years and below.

Sports offer great physical benefits to your children while letting them enjoy their winter vacation. They can even take it to the next level by dedicating themselves to a specific sport and going pro once they are of age. However, whatever activity they choose to do, after they’ve tried it out, having a great time together with you, their parent, is what should truly matter.

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