Hair Removal: Types of Waxing Styles

Beautician waxing a woman's legWaxing is painful at the moment but rewarding in retrospect. It is not just for women who want to wear bikinis in summer too; waxing can be just as beneficial for men. First off, you get to save time, and your skin remains softer for a more extended period.

Secondly, waxing services when done by professionals will leave no ingrown hairs and no cuts. Of course, there are different styles to pick from, and they are as follows:

Bikini waxing

According to His and Her’s Waxing, a regular bikini wax aims to remove any hair outside the panty line. It is the proverbial clean cup on the outside.

However, if you much rather clean up completely, you can ask for the French bikini wax. A sweet compromise between the two is the full bikini wax.

Brazilian waxing

This kind of waxing will not just remove the hair outside your panty line but will also get rid of any on your back. Brazilian waxing is perfect if you prefer wearing thongs. You will only have a small landing strip on the front.

The full-bush Brazilian is a hippie trend that has recently gained popularity. It has hair removed from your front side and the back but leaves out the groin area.

Hollywood waxing

A Hollywood waxing leaves nothing. The whole groin area — genitals and your back — no hair will be left. However, you can have it customized to your tastes. You want a strip or even a design in your groin area, go on, ask for the Hollywood waxing then explain your customization needs.

When removing hair, estheticians will use different kinds of wax. If it is your first time, you might want to ask for a recommendation, more so if you have sensitive skin.

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