How to Select the Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Choosing the Perfect Wedding BouquetYour bridal bouquet might seem inconsequential against the many details you have to pin down before the big day. However, it’s a crucial component of your ensemble. Why? Because having the right bouquet would help make your wedding dress stand out more and look even more gorgeous.

Here are some tips to help you select a bouquet that would play well with your ensemble.

What are You Wearing?

Essentially, you want your flowers to match your wedding dress. When consulting a florist, wedding florists in Denver recommend bringing photos of your dress, preferably while you’re wearing it so they could see how it looks on you. This way, they can determine which bouquet style, color, size, and shape would best flatter your dress.

Which Colors?

Consider the colors of your wedding motif so your bouquet would stand out and complement everything else. Don’t forget to take into account your wedding dress. Not all bridal dresses are stark white and plain so consider the exact color of your dress and its embellishments.

Which Flowers?

If you have particular blooms in mind, check to see if they’re easily or locally available during your wedding date. Otherwise, you might need to spend a bit more just to get them somewhere else. If you’re uncertain which flowers to use, browse the Internet to see examples and consult your florist.

What Shape and Size?

Bridal bouquets come in different shapes and sizes. You have the huge, trailing, and showstopper bouquets, the sweet and short bouquets, and those that are made to look like they are handpicked but are really not. Getting the right shape and size is vital. For instance, holding a huge bouquet against a simple or fitted dress could hide details of your dress and make your entire look disproportionate.

Above all, consider your personal style and taste when choosing a bridal bouquet. There’s no wrong or right choice here because it’s your wedding and you could do anything you want. When in doubt, just stick to the basics, availability of the flowers, and how it would look against your wedding dress.

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