Ladies’ Vests — Know Your Options

Women shopping for clothesThe same way your typical dinner-and-movie date gets boring, so does wearing the same type of clothes every day.

Swapping your pants for a skirt once in a while helps make your outfits feminine. However, slipping in a vest into your attire is a random and pleasant way of spicing up your looks to increase visual interest. Luckily, there are various women’s western vests to fit any fashion personality. Here are some of the most popular options, according to A.A. Callister.

Puffer Vests

This has various categories to suit different weather conditions. Some of them are relatively light and useful when the season is changing from warm to cold, and a jacket is too heavy. They are mainly made from down, nylon, or polyester.

The outer side has a puffy appearance, are quilted and have zippers. For special situations, you could use puffer vests that are waterproof.

Cropped Vests

This category is more form-fitting and shorter in comparison with your typical vest. It ends at your midriff. When wearing this type, you may choose to wear or not wear a shirt or blouse underneath. If you do not wear anything underneath, use the zipper or buttons provided to close the vest.

Sweater Vests

This is common in the office setting where you do not need to wear suits. Mostly, women wear them over a button-down shirt. They do not have any buttons or zippers and will often have a V shape neck line. They are available in multiple textures, colors, and styles.

The best thing with women vests is that they are timeless. The various styles, designs, material, and finishes make them appropriate for almost any occasion or person regardless of age or body type. To ensure that they last longer, always be mindful of their washing and maintenance instructions.

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