Let’s Talk About Invisible Braces

woman holding invisalignMany people, including adults, would love to have their teeth straightened. Too often, people carry on living with teeth they don’t like because they are afraid of wearing obtrusive braces. Traditional braces straighten teeth and this is great, as long as people don’t mind sporting a mouthful of metal. For all those people who do mind, invisible braces in Luton are the way to go.

So, what’s out there?

For anyone seeking a more discreet way to a beautiful smile, there are some fantastic and almost invisible braces in Luton. Dental practices such as Vogue Dental Care offer a number of modern and discreet brace options to their patients. Here’s some of the favourite, easy-to-manage, modern teeth straightening braces available on the UK market:


This is a modern brace system offering a very different approach to teeth straightening. Instead of the traditional style of fixed metal brackets and wires, patients can enjoy removable, clear plastic tooth aligner trays. These aligner trays fit over the teeth and are virtually invisible. Invisalign is pretty high tech, yet simple to use. Teeth are 3D scanned, then the movement required to straighten them is plotted on computer. At the beginning of the treatment, these 3D scans are used to create a series of clear aligners that will be worn on the teeth for 1-2 weeks each. Each aligner takes the patient one step closer to straighter teeth.

Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is not totally invisible. However, it uses only one thin metal wire. This makes it way less conspicuous than traditional braces. A huge advantage of the Inman Aligner is that it works fast. Some treatments can be completed in as little as six weeks. Now that’s impressive.

Six Month Smiles and Cfas

Again, fast-working and discreet but not totally invisible. These options look similar to traditional braces – with wires and brackets attached to the teeth. However, the components are all tooth-coloured or clear. Treatment times are typically around six months

What to do next?

Anyone interested in getting their teeth straightened with one of these invisible braces in Luton should contact a local provider and ask for a teeth-straightening consultation appointment.

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