Pontoon Boat Purchase: Key Features You Should Consider

Boat on Coral Sea

Boat on Coral SeaHobbies are one of the cornerstones of today’s lifestyles. And among the popular hobbies nowadays is boating. For serious boaters, a good boat, more so a pontoon boat, is a must-have. This boat has a sleek design, is easy to maintain, and can navigate a range of water bodies effortlessly.

When making your choice among the various boats available in a pontoon boat store in Michigan, construction is one of the factors you will consider. This, after all, determines your boat’s performance and durability. Here are the elements of a pontoon boat’s construction that should guide your choice.


There are two types of pontoon boat floors, namely wood and aluminum decking. Wood decking is cheap, and there have been various advancements in marine grade treated plywood. Wood, nonetheless, still requires high maintenance to prevent its decay. Aluminum decking is more costly compared to wood, is decay-proof, and has low maintenance needs. It, however, carries vibration and sound of the motor throughout your boat, which can be uncomfortable.

Floor Coverings

Marine grade carpeting has been the conventional type of floor covering for pontoon boats. In recent times, however, vinyl covers are rapidly gaining popularity. Vinyl floor boat covers are skid-resistant and though costly, are considerably more durable and have better performance compared to marine-grade carpeting.

Pontoon Log Design

There are two primary log designs for pontoon boats including foam-filled U-shaped and round baffled logs. Though foam-filled U-shaped logs are cheap and easy to produce, they are very hard to repair. Round baffled logs are the industry standard since they are easy to repair, strong, and incredibly safe.

Finding the perfect pontoon boat for your budget might be pain stacking for a novice boater. The above guide will prove extremely helpful in your purchase decision. With a proper choice of the above elements, you can be sure to pick the best quality pontoon boat regardless of your budget.

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