Spring Break: Where to Go on a Budget

Daytona Beach

Daytona BeachFor some students, college is nothing but one big, years-long party. For those who are more serious about their schoolwork however, it is synonymous with stress, deadlines, theses, and exams. Whatever type of student you are, you probably look forward to spring break like all the rest.

What’s not to love about spring break? No schoolwork, no teachers, tutors or coaches, and lots of opportunities to be out with friends or family. And for those heavenly moments, there are perfect spring break destinations. Here are some suggestions:

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Is night life your thing? Then this is the place to  hand around. Sixty miles of beaches and reasonably priced oceanfront accommodations, plus legendary parties hosted by popular DJs, make Myrtle Beach a true spring break paradise.

Daytona, Florida

So many hotels and so much sun. If Daytona isn’t spring break country, you’ll be hard-pressed to define what is. The weather is not likely to rain on your parade, and as long as you don’t mind being a bit further away from the shore you’ll find some cheap accommodations.

Panama City Beach, Florida

For the past 25 years, Panama City Beach has consistently earned a spot on the list of best spring break locations in the U.S. A quarter of a million spring breakers visit here every year. Local city laws have tiptoed partying and drinking on the restricted side, but spring breakers still consider this place one of the must-visit ones annually.

Acapulco, Mexico

While this isn’t exactly the U.S., the drinking age limit is a bit more relaxed. It’s an affordable place to spend spring break in yet you can enjoy incredible resorts that offer five-star level amenities.

College isn’t exactly an extended party; it takes a lot more than partying to get you through law school. But spring break is that one time every year when you can just let go of everything, and live your young life to the fullest.

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