Let’s Talk About Invisible Braces

Many people, including adults, would love to have their teeth straightened. Too often, people carry on living with teeth they don’t like because they are afraid of wearing obtrusive braces. Traditional braces straighten teeth and this is great, as long as people don’t mind sporting a mouthful of metal. For all those people who do […]

Oral health – What to Do When Things Go Wrong

When someone loses a tooth, it can be a traumatic time, especially if a few teeth have gone at once. It can be hard to face the situation and get the necessary help and advice needed to get on the road to restoration and recovery. Some people may have no idea what to do when […]

Confronting the Cause of Frowns

It is not unusual for people to have certain things about their appearance that make them feel uncomfortable. When it comes to teeth, dissatisfaction with appearance or function can affect how much someone smiles. Having crowded or crooked teeth is a problem for many and if it causes embarrassment for a person when they want […]

Caring for the Teeth

Going to the dentist is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Dental professionals use knowledge, technology, and experience to provide a high level of care for their patients’oral health. Cosmetic enhancements for the teeth can greatly improve a person’s appearance. Lost teeth can be replaced with fully-customised implants. A dentist in SW14 offers many […]

When Should Someone Visit an Orthodontist in Liverpool?

The majority of patients undergoing orthodontic treatment are children and teenagers. However, in recent years, an increasing number of adults have also been visiting the orthodontist for teeth straightening. Orthodontic treatment in childhood is ideal because at this time teeth are easily moved, but visiting the orthodontist later in life has many benefits and is […]