Tender Love and Care Practices for Your Feet

Right footwear to have a tender loved feetFeet take a lot of beating, more than any other part of the body. You walk with them, stand with them, and support your body with them. When your feet hurt, you have to take good care of them to prevent any future issues. How then can you take care of your feet?

Choose the right footwear

The best way to take care of your feet lies in your choice of footwear. You can still wear certain types to be stylish, but you do have to wear the appropriate footwear for specific activities.

When you play sports, for example, wear trainers. When you hike or walk a lot, you could wear women’s boots made in the USA for optimum comfort and support.

Wear certain footwear in moderation

How about high or low heels, flip-flops, sandals, or foot gloves? You can go for these footwear choices, but only in moderation. They lack various aspects of supportive and comfortable footwear. As much as they look great, they can cause all sorts of pain in your feet in the long run.

Look at your feet

Aside from footwear choice, you can check your feet from time to time and look for any signs of distress. During the winter season, however, we keep our feet in warm socks and boots. As such, you might not notice any foot issues that may develop. Check your feet, and watch out for discolored nails, flaky skin, or swelling.

Wash to treat bad smells

A smelly foot is only a minor issue. You can easily remedy smelly feet with a good washing once a day at least. If your feet continue to smell bad, use an antibacterial soap or foot scrub. Cleaning the inside of your footwear with surgical spirit is also a solution.

Other ways you could show your feet some (TLC) include cutting nails, applying creams, and getting pedicures. The more you take care of your feet, the more you can be comfortable even after strenuous activities.

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