The Newbie’s Guide to the Right Swimwear in 4 Ways

Woman splashing waterWhenever summer is approaching, social media gets trending with hashtags about achieving that #summerbod. People start to slim down with the goal of fitting into their bikinis or similar swimwear. This isn’t always easy to do though especially women, because people come in shapes and sizes other than slim.

For those clueless about what to wear for swimming, here are common swimwear concerns and their solutions.

Chest Size

Women who have a small chest size might wish to wear bikinis that give the illusion of a fuller bust. You can do this by wearing tops that have embellishments like ruffles or padding as this could make your chest area appear fuller.

Those with huge chest sizes should refrain from string bikinis and look for thicker strapped bathing suits instead.

Broad Shoulders

If you’re concerned about having broad shoulders, you can wear swimsuits designed with panels to the sides. This will give the illusion of a curvy, hourglass physique that should make the upper body look less boxy. Some swimwear brands like Revel Rey have these hourglass figure swimsuits.

Posterior Size

For those with flat bottoms, you can use the same solution for small chest problems. You can use swimsuits with frills at the bottom to make it appear fuller. If your bottom is bigger than average, you need to wear swimsuits with enough fabric to cover your buttocks so the checks wouldn’t get exposed.

Short Torso

Women with short torsos who wish to give a more elongated appearance to their bodies can do this by wearing low-rise bottoms and lifting their bustlines. This shows more flesh to the torso area.

As long as you follow these four steps, you should be able to solve your swimwear concerns in no time. Still, what’s important is that the swimsuit you’re wearing should make you feel confident and ready for fun. After all, fun is what summer is for.

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