The Tools Every Beginner Gardener Should Have

A guy watering the plants

A guy watering the plantsIf you love plants and taking care of them and are finally ready to take the plunge and build your very own garden, you will need some essential gardening tools to make your life easier. To start, you will need spades and shovels, hoes, scissors, pruning shears, as well as rakes. explains why you need these tools and what they are for.

Spades and shovels

These are primarily utilised for digging holes you will be using for planting, but could likewise be used for breaking down roots and hard soil, as well as scooping up piles of debris like small branches and dry leaves.


Hoes come in many types, but for beginner gardeners, the standard hoe will suffice. These tools are used for cultivating the soil’s topmost layer. A hoe could also be used for digging old roots just beneath the topsoil.

Heavy-duty scissors

You could use scissors for different purposes: cutting delicate stems, harvesting leafy vegetables and herbs, cutting twine that you use for securing budding plants and opening the fertiliser bag among many others.

Pruning shears

These look and function similar to scissors, but they are more durable and are typically used for more demanding tasks like pruning small and tough branches. When buying pruning shears, go for one that is lightweight, sharp, and durable for easier and better handling.


These gardening tools come in a variety of styles. For starters, however, you would need a hard rake, shrub rake, and fan rake. You could use a hard rake for getting rid of roots and small rocks and when flipped over, for flattening the soil surface. You could use a shrub rake for clearing debris in tight places, and a fan rake for clearing out leaves.

There are many other tools that would make gardening easier and more enjoyable for you, but for now, these would do. When selecting your tools for gardening, consider what specific garden you want to build, whether a herb garden, vegetable garden, fruit garden, or all of the above, to make sure that you get the right tools for what you need. You could just buy more tools as needed.

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