Three It Girl Moves to Combine Function and Fashion

Women's Fashion

Women's FashionWhat a lot of people don’t realize is that fashion is fast. Editors, It Girls, and fashionistas no longer have to wait months for the looks on the catwalk to descend to retail and accessible outlets—the lines are usually out the next day.

This means that everyone can get these pieces. So where does that leave the sartorially, savvy group that loves wearable fashion trends but still want to be comfortable and unique?

A true It Girl will tell you—by going for function and comfort along with the latest trend. How do they do that? Here are some tips:

1. Go for pieces with pockets.

Even if you could accessorize better with a clutch or handbag, having pockets means that there are better poses for your IG shots and even to hide another small item or two. You may not even need a bag at all! Go for dresses and bottoms with side pockets.

2. Go monochromatic.

Part of a functional wardrobe is convenience and ease of use. Choosing pieces in the same color palette (preferably in the color of the year) help you get ready faster in the morning. Pull out a top, bottom, bag, and shoes in one color and you’re good to go! No need to match and try different things on.

3. Check the material used.

Another sad thing about fast fashion is that the clothes made may not be built to last or feel good on your body. This means if you wear the latest trends too often, that shirt or blouse is going to fray. Go for sturdier fabric and follow the wash and care instructions. Cotton is cool on the skin. If you can go leather, go leather! For shoes, make sure you choose microfiber insoles.

Being a fashionista today doesn’t mean you have to follow every look on the catwalk down to the color of nail polish. In the end, true It Girls make fashion work for them instead.

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