To Detox or Not? Look Forward to These 4 Types of Stimulating Massages

woman enjoying a massage

woman enjoying massageNowadays, people no longer want to take vacations to de-stress alone. The trend today is choosing destinations that will help them in mind, body, and soul. Because of that, there’s a new buzzword — wellness tourism. The Global Wellness Institute reports that the wellness market grew by 10.6%, with an amount of $3.72 billion in 2015 alone.

According to Susie Ellis, the chairman and CEO of the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), “The rise in chronic diseases and obesity, the unprecedented 24/7 stress of modern life, and people’s increasingly diminished time off” are responsible for the increasing desire to detox and regain vitality.

As a result, detox retreats have become popular. If you want to know about the relaxation methods available at these retreats, here are some massages to pique your interest.

Lymphatic Massage

Typically applied to those who want a boost of energy level and vitality, this massage targets the lymphatic system and evacuates harmful substances from the body tissues. Treatment of edema and slowness in the immune system are only some of the results it can deliver.


This hands-on movement through parts of the body helps strengthen the immune system while enhancing internal harmony and well-being. It boosts the healing process of pain, stress, fatigue, and disease to restore the balance of the body.

Remedial Massage

The purpose of a remedial massage is the treatment of injuries, postural imbalances, as well as aches and muscle pains. This provides holistic treatment from which the entire body benefits from immensely.

The increasing desire to take a time off — to detox and regain lost vitality — shows no signs of slowing down. Indeed, as mentioned above, it’s evident that lifestyle demands are spurring the growth of the wellness industry.

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