Tying the Knot: 3 Things You Should Consider When Planning Your Dream Wedding

Newly married couple holding hands

Newly married couple holding handsAre you and your partner ready to tie the knot and journey into marital bliss? Then, you have to sit down and consider three things to ensure you get your dream wedding.

1. Decide on your guest list.

It is imperative for any program, be it a birthday party or wedding ceremony, to know first whom you are going to invite before planning anything else. After all, everything you’ll have to plan afterwards will depend on your guest list.

Will you invite fifty, a hundred, or even more people? If you’re after a simple yet intimate celebration, then you would want to simply invite loved ones and friends who are closest you and your partner.

But if you’ve always dreamt of a grand wedding where you could celebrate with more people? Then include every single person whom you’d love to be with on your wedding day in your guest list! It’s your special day after all.

2. Choose your dream venue.

Now that you know whom you’ll invite on your wedding day, you need to choose a venue that will accommodate that number.

Many couples aren’t able to readily decide whether they want an indoor or outdoor wedding. However, it will be helpful if you choose a location that can offer both. For example, Tunbridge Wells is both known for its beautiful gardens and stately castles. This wonderful, regal place offers many beautiful wedding venues.

You can visit you prospect town to narrow down the specific location of your wedding.

3. Pick out the best date.

After choosing where to marry, the next thing you’ll have to decide on is the wedding date.

This is not simply about choosing your favourite month nor number. Choosing the date takes into consideration the season and possible weather for your wedding. This is especially important if you’re planning an outdoor wedding or reception.

For instance, the short yet comfortable summer of Tunbridge Wells is from late June to early September. If you want an outdoor wedding, choose dates from between that period to ensure a sunny and beautiful wedding day.

The list of things to prepare for your wedding will go on, but these are three important things you have to establish right away. As you consider these things, you’re taking significant steps in achieving that wedding you’ve always wanted.

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