Types of Professional Scissors Used For Hair Thinning

Scissors for Thinning Hair

Scissors for Thinning hairEfficiently caring for your customers’ hair involves more than simple haircuts. There is a range of techniques you can use to improve the appearance of your haircuts and boost healthy hair development. One of these techniques is hair thinning.

It enhances hair volume and texture and reduces its bulk easing the styling of very thick hair. As you head out to buy hair thinning scissors, there are several types you will need for this crucial task. Here are some of the professional hair thinning shears you should get:  

Texturising and Blending Scissors

If you are shopping for a flexible pair of thinning shears, texturising and blending shears are the ideal choice. These scissors will be used for texturising, blending and thinning hair. They have approximately 25 teeth which will take out over 50% of your client’s hair in 2-3 cuts. Texturising and blending scissors are suitable for novice hairdressers owing to their ease of use.

Chunking Scissors

These scissors have 7-15 teeth which are more widely spaced than other hair thinning shears. The width of their teeth makes chunking scissors the best option for customers with bulky, thick and curly hair. Approximately 2-3 cuts will cut over 80% of thick hair. Besides hair thinning, chunking scissors are also used to create notches.

Finishing Scissors

These add fine details on a haircut. Compared to other types of thinning shears, finishing scissors are generally larger and possess more teeth. Finishing scissors will allow you to thin hair without getting rid of a significant hair tuft at once. They will blend hair and create smooth transitions as they create neither stairs nor holes in your haircut.

The above scissors are all essential tools in barber and hairdressing shops. They will after all crown the haircut you labor so hard to create. Cleaning and disinfecting them after every haircut is essential to enhance their durability and your shop’s sanitation.

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