What Can the Cosmetic Dentist in London Do About White Spots?

White teeth being checked with mouth mirror

White teeth being checked with mouth mirrorSome people look in the mirror and they see a less-than-perfect smile. While it may be functional, they see blemishes every day and feel self-conscious about it. In the past, these people have either had to learn to live with the problem and with a potential dip in confidence, or they have had to consider extensive and possibly invasive dental treatment. It’s always worth it for someone to check in with the cosmetic dentist in London now and then if they have an issue with white spots on their teeth. New solutions develop and become popular all the time as the dental industry responds to public demand.

A trip to the cosmetic dentist in London could reveal that they are working with revolutionary treatments like Icon. Dental practices like Harley Street Dental Clinic are committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest developments and, when it comes to white spots, that includes treatments like Icon.

What causes white spots in the first place?

The reason why some people have white spots on their teeth can vary from patient to patient. They may have ingested chemicals like fluoride when their teeth were forming. Another common cause is poor oral hygiene during long term orthodontic work, which left demineralised patches on the teeth. There are lots of reasons and almost all of them mean that the problem will not respond satisfactorily to conventional whitening. Some people have stains that have a similar cause but end up a different colour like brown. These can also respond to treatment with Icon.

What can Icon do?

Icon involves applying a resin to the teeth which infiltrates the spots. It does this using the natural capillary action of the teeth to draw thee substance into position. This is a great example of dentistry harnessing the normal behaviour of the body.

When in place, Icon resin has a similar ability to reflect light to the natural material of the teeth. This ensures that it blends seamlessly with the rest of the smile. All of this is done without the need to remove any healthy tooth material and create damage to the tooth in order to repair a cosmetic issue.

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